Music as it comes from my heart into your ears, infiltrating mind, legs and booty.

No limits and restrictions.

Bubbling, celebrating, pimped!

Pandastic, supersonic, bamboolicious!

Black and white with a magic, purple glue - Daniel Hopf

Bass, MD, Composer, Teacher, Keys


Here we Go!

05.05.2016: Bamboolicious is officially out! Write us @ to get yo album and bamboofy Your mind

Alana doin' her magic with us pandas live @ Jazzclub Bielefeld


Laying down nice grooves and runs with my drum buddy Michel Grimm (Samy Deluxe) @ lovely Alafia festival (Hamburg). There's a lot of kicks'n'chords to read on my sheet...

Happy Struggeling!

Pimp the Panda....

we Pandas wanna establish NeoSoul and modern Funk in Germany and need your support and love in pressing our CD:

Our Crowdfunding ends on 13th of Sept!

The Panda is Pimpy!

Bambootylicious news @

the band of my dreams is formed!!!!

04.01.2015: Transcribing solos originaly not played on your instrument is a great tool for getting new aproaches! I chose David Cook's piano solo on Greg Howe's song "Contigo" (album: "Extraction").

14.07: Check the teaser for our HSK Album II! We're all proud of the balls, the full album became...

Raw. Energetic. JAZZROCK!

Soon on tour again!

If you wanna support us get the album:

or digital on Amazon/Itunes

Interactive Groove Concept®

Workshop for Bassplayers & Drummers

Lehrbuch, App und Workshop jetzt erhältlich! Contact me!

Topics: -Groove Construction, -BandCommunication (Cues), -Inbetween Grooves, -Verschieber (Shiftings),- Metrische Modulation, -Pimp the Section


Full Song "Rise Up" (HSK- Trio Album II)


We're really proud presenting you our new stuff with Simon Oslender on Rhodes/Organ/Synthies!


Full Album available on

or as digital download on Amazon, Itunes

April 2014:Some hot'n'nasty models from Sivčák Guitars actually visited my home...after detailled check, some may stuff! Who wants a my backyard!

Nordstrand PU

Swamp Ash

Fender or Aguilar Electronics

Gotoh Tuner

One piece bodies



New PromoVideo out:

"Live & Famous" Disco/Club - Band:

Brand New "Punk'n'Rollin' Video Out with Om Johari and Elmar Lappe....HD, HQ!!


New Video out for "BassComposerVoting" by Custom Music Shop, Duisburg :

first Video with my brandnew, incredible fretless bass by Mayones

07.09.2013: Khalif Wailin' Walther feat. Simon Oslender@Bluesrock-Festival Tegelen (NL)

21.08.13: Producing some new stuff@home...check the verse (0:55)!

HSK-Review in BassQuarterly-Magazine (2013)